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If there is one truck accessory that most people invest in, it’s a spray-on bedliner. There are many benefits of spray-on liners that you should know about, and LINE-X of Ottawa offers the best truck bed liner for your needs.

LINE-X of Ottawa offers LINE-X bedliners that are consistently rated the number one truck bed liner in customer satisfaction. LINE-X boasts a lifetime warranty, and with over 550 dealers worldwide and over two million satisfied customers, LINE-X has to be doing something right. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of bedliners. Contact our truck accessory shop to get started today!

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Perhaps the number one benefit of spray-on protective coating is that it protects the bed of your pickup from everyday use and wear. Things such as dents, scratches, and pings won’t mar your pickup bed with a truck bed protector. It wards off the elements with ease. Water runs off it, hail bounces off, and snow melts. The spray-on liner will help protect from contaminants and pollution in the air, protecting the metal body and frame from corrosion and rust. Corrosion and rust are often irreversible once it sets in. LINE-X spray-on bedliners form an airtight bond to the surface of your truck, helping to ensure the elements are kept at bay. They also offer UV protection.

Creates a Non-Slip Surface

It can be frustrating when you are driving down the road and you hear your cargo moving back and forth. Not only is it annoying, but you are now worried it may break. When you invest in a spray-on liner from LINE-X of Ottawa, the liner will create a non-slip surface, which works to ensure your cargo stays in place. In addition, if you have to stand in your pickup bed at all, you’ll have a non-slip surface to load and unload items, which helps keep you safe from slips and falls.

Increases Your Truck’s Value

Truck bed liners can help increase your truck’s value. They are popular with truck enthusiasts who understand the value of a truck protective coating. Truck spray-on liners protect the truck from damage and everyday wear and tear to the bed of the pickup, which raises the value as well. Plus, LINE-X bed liners make your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing to say the least.

Extremely Low Maintenance

Spray-on liners, especially those from LINE-X, are extremely low maintenance. LINE-X bedliners are made from polyurethane or a polyurethane mixture, which is a strong polymer that only needs to be rinsed off if it becomes dirty. A drop-in liner, for instance, has to be removed to be cleaned and scrubbed, making it a lot more work than a spray-in bedliner. These bedliners are also easy to repair; however, spray-on bedliners see little repair needs when compared to a drop-in bedliner.

Adds Aesthetic Value

Truck bed liners add a classic touch to your truck. LINE-X bedliners come in many different colors, so you can mix and match to suit your taste. They add a sleek, modern look, and since spray-on liners suffer little to no damage, the bed of your pickup truck has no unsightly scratches or dents that detract from the overall look of the vehicle. You can use a truck bed protector to cover olders scratches and dents as well, making your truck look good!

Indestructible spray-on protective coating


The LINE-X truck protective coatings are frankly unbeatable. They are the top in its class as many can attest to. LINE-X of Ottawa is proud to be an authorized LINE-X dealer and bring you these amazing truck protective coatings for your ride. In addition to our top-rated LINE-X coatings, we also offer a whole host of truck accessories, including Tonneau covers, trailer hitches, floor mats, nerf bars and steps, tool boxes, and more. We carry LEER truck toppers, and we offer window tinting services as well. With four locations in and near Ottawa to better serve you, we hope to be able to offer everything you need to outfit your truck to fit your needs, whether it’s for work or recreation.

If you are interested in our LINE-X bedliners or any of our other truck accessories, contact one of our locations near you today!