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Have your vehicle sprayed annually with Rust Check to protect against corrosion.

Vehicles are vulnerable to stone chips on the surface of the paint. Most Canadians find they are driving in situations where stones and sand can damage the paint and metal coating on the car. This leaves the exposed metal susceptible to corrosion. The most vulnerable area is inside the wheel wells and directly behind the wheels.

The Canadian Automobile Association recommends the oil spray method if you want to keep your car in pristine shape. Rust Check should be applied every year for maximum protection.

Rust Check is applied to vehicles underside as well as inside doors and fenders. The product “creeps into the seams.

The best time to have your vehicle coated with rust protection is when you first get your new car. Most consumers like to have their car oilsprayed in the fall or winter, but rustproofing can be done anytime of the year.

Rust Check recommends drilling holes, while this concerns many owners; CAA says that it’s the best way to get the creeping spray into all the vehicle’s nooks and crannies. Rust Check comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you drive during the winter where salt and other chemicals are used on the road, Rust Check annual rustproofing application can help keep your car looking better and running longer down the road.

Pricing starts at $109.00. Call for pricing on your vehicle. 613-248-9366

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platinum protection

Permanent Platinum Protection

Nature’s elements begin their attack as soon as your vehicle rolls off the assembly line. Road salt, acid rain and salt water air all work to shorten the life of your vehicle, corroding the body, weakening the structure and deteriorating the appearance. The result is a drastically reduced trade-in or re-sale value.

The upper body of your vehicle will receive a Sulfonate Rust Inhibitor which creeps into all the seams, crevices and welds, creating a sealed barrier against corrosion. The underbody is protected by an extremely durable rust inhibiting sound shield specifically designed to withstand the punishing effects of road abrasion while noticeably reducing road noise due to its sound deadening qualities.