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We hear the question asked all the time, “my truck already has a factory bed liner, why would I need LINE-X protective coating?” Good question! If you are a casual truck user who may help their neighbor move a bed and that’s the extent of the trauma your truck bed will encounter, perhaps you don’t need anything more durable than the stock bed liner. However, if you use your truck for truck stuff — hauling, toy carrying, working, etc. — it is a good idea to second-guess the factory truck bed liner that came stock when you purchased your vehicle. In today’s post, we will offer a high-level overview of why investing in an after-market protective liner is the best thing you can do to protect your investment.

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We know protection.

Truck manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, and Dodge know how to build trucks that are tough and last. When we talk about protection and durability, we can’t speak to your chassis or engine, we can only speak to what we specialize in — protecting the exterior. Vehicle manufacturers know vehicles, we know bed protection. What does that mean for you? You get superior protection because that’s all we know. Our skills and concerns aren’t split between various portions of your vehicle, only the protection against gouges and corrosion. If you don’t think your work truck needs to look like a work truck, invest in a protective bed liner from the experts — LINE-X.

Indestructible spray-on protective coating

Sweat equity in the preparation.

One of the biggest differences between factory truck bed liners and the protective coating by LINE-X is the installation process. Trucks, like all other vehicles, are mass-produced on a factory floor, done mostly by robots in a production line. When it comes to the optional bed liner, the bed of the truck body passes by a machine that sprays the liner in. When you invest in a LINE-X truck bed liner, you get the sweat equity of dedicated protection experts. The first, and one of the most important differences between LINE-X and factory stock liners, is the preparation. The surface of a standard painted truck bed is as smooth as the rest of the truck body. If a topcoat is applied, it is similar to painting your linoleum floor — it can peel right up. We spend the time and energy to prep the surface for guaranteed adherence. We remove bolts, hinges, and the tailgate. LINE-X, unlike factory liners, is applied in every groove, under the bed caps, and over all the edges of the truck bed so that all areas are covered. This means that every inch of your truck bed is protected, not just most of it.

Thicker really does mean better.

When it comes to protective coatings, it may seem like a no-brainer that the thicker the liner, the better. However, slapping on layers and layers of the coating does little good if it is not applied properly. That being said, if applied properly, yes, thickness matters. Manufacturer protective coatings are often between 70 to 90 mm thick, offering decent coverage. Some spray-on liner competitors — especially the ones that offer DIY — are typically less than 40 mm thick, some as little as 20 mm thick. As you can imagine, this may offer some protection, but it’s like applying a single coat of SPF 8 sunscreen for your entire Miami vacation. LINE-X is applied evenly and consistently at 100 to 120 mm thickness to offer superior protection everywhere — think SPF 80 reapplied every 15 minutes.

So what’s our trade secret? High-quality products applied with attention to detail without cutting corners. LINE-X continues to be the world’s leader in truck bed coating, used in over 500 locations in 46 countries. Ottawa is fortunate to be home to four of those locations. For serious protection you can count on, discover the LINE-X difference. At LINE-X of Ottawa, we offer six different truck bed liner options as well as window tinting, Leer caps, and we carry a variety of aftermarket truck accessories. Get the most out of your truck and let us help you protect your investment. Visit us online to learn more about our products and contact us to schedule your service today.