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Aluminum truck beds are becoming more popular as the benefits are being more recognized. Aluminum requires much less maintenance and is generally more resistant to rust and corrosion than its steel counterpart — and, LINE-X can maximize these benefits. One of the biggest benefits of aluminum truck beds is the lighter weight dramatically improves fuel efficiency. The lighter weight also helps protect your engine and tires, resulting in fewer repairs over the lifetime of your vehicle. At LINE-X, we are here for this money-saving trend, and we are here to protect it. Join us in today’s post as we discuss a few reasons aluminum truck beds require protection.

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Dents and Bends

Aluminum is softer than steel and tends to bend and dent easier. Have you ever seen an aluminum vehicle after a hail storm? More aluminum vehicles and roofs are totaled after a nasty hailstorm than any other material. Ottawa sees its fair share of hail storms each year, but what’s more, is you are likely to throw heavy objects into your work truck. Dents caused by hail may not be as big of a nuisance as that caused by a cinder block, but can cause issues with performance including the ability to close your tailgate. LINE-X truck bed liners are incredibly durable and can help protect against dents and bends in your aluminum truck bed.

Durable Truck Bed Liner


As we previously mentioned, aluminum does not recover from dents or pits as easily as other metals. A common problem in aluminum truck beds is cracks and holes when transporting rigid or heavy objects, especially routinely. If your aluminum truck bed is attached to your work truck, it may not last as long if it is not protected against cracking. Once there is a crack in the truck bed, it compromises the durability of the entire bed and causes unstable weak spots that pose a safety risk on the road. Defend against cracks with the most durable spray-on bed liner.

Cost to Repair

Inch by inch, aluminum is much more expensive than steel. This means that if there is any damage sustained to your unprotected truck bed, it could easily cost double to have an aluminum bed repaired over a steel bed. As the old adage goes an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. Prevent repairable damage before it occurs by protecting your truck bed with an indestructible protective coating like LINE-X.

You’ve invested the extra money in an aluminum truck bed over a steel bed because you understand the long-term cost savings. Investing in an indestructible protective coating should be viewed the same way. At LINE-X of Ottawa, we can install superior protection on your aluminum truck bed in about three hours. Visit us online to learn more about or products and your options, then contact us to schedule your liner installation today!